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Spider-Man PS4 Multiplayer: Does Spider-Man PS4 Have Multiplayer or Co-Op?

Spider-Man launches on PlayStation 4 on Friday, September 7. Spider-Man PS4, thus far, has only been talked about in a single-player sense, given that there’s only one version of the webslinger that we currently know who is playable. Can we, however, expect to see some form of co-op or Spider-Man PS4 multiplayer despite it not being officially announced?

Spider-Man PS4 Multiplayer – Does it Contain Co-Op or Multiplayer?

Honestly? It’s 99% certain that Spider-Man PS4 won’t contain a co-op or multiplayer mode. If Insomniac Games’ former titles are anything to go by, the majority of them have been standalone single-player campaigns. Ratchet & Clank, Song of the Deep and Spyro the Dragon were only playable on your own. Sunset Overdrive – Insomniac’s last AAA release – did contain an eight-player co-op mode called Chaos Squad though, so there’s always a chance that Spider-Man PS4 could contain one.

Spider-Man PS4 Multiplayer – Have Any Previous Games Had Co-Op or Multiplayer?

Previous video game iterations of Spider-Man, such as Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time, have contained multiple variations of the character like Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir. Neither of those games, however, had co-op or multiplayer modes, so there’s very little chance of Insomniac breaking rank and inserting one into Spider-Man PS4. That’s probably the biggest indication that Spider-Man PS4 multiplayer doesn’t exist. That, and Insomniac is sure to have shouted it from the rooftops if such a thing existed.

Insomniac hasn’t announced a co-op or multiplayer mode, but that doesn’t mean that one won’t be in the game. Revealing that one is would be something of a spoiler, so Insomniac may want gamers to go into Spider-Man PS4 with no knowledge of this mode being present to give players a huge surprise. Just don’t bet on one being present, though future DLC isn’t out of the question, or you may end up disappointed.