Box art - Spider-Man (2018)

Spider-Man PS4 Combat: How Does Spider-Man PS4’s Combat System Work?

Spider-Man PS4 finally releases on Friday, September 7, and the highly anticipated game has had its review embargo lifted to give players an idea of how it plays. A huge part of Spider-Man PS4 combat, in particular,  will centre around its fluid fighting system. How well does it work then, and can players expect to be able to pick it up pretty easily?

Spider-Man PS4 Combat: How Does the Combat System Work?

For anyone who has played Rocksteady’s critically acclaimed Batman Arkham games, Spider-Man PS4’s combat system is similar in style. There will be gamepad buttons for melee, jumping, countering and using gadgets just like the Batman Arkham series did.

With this being Spider-Man though, he has a variety of different ways to take down his foes. Combining his web shooters, melee prowess thanks to his superhuman strength, acrobatic skills and other gadgets, Spider-Man PS4 has plenty of methods to disarm and disable enemies. Being able to master these free-flowing moves, via the PlayStation 4 controller’s buttons and triggers, will allow Spider-Man players to switch between them efficiently.

Spider-Man PS4 Combat: What Do the PS4 Gamepad’s Buttons Do?

The PlayStation 4’s gamepad controls aren’t completely known, but Spider-Man PS4’s creative director Bryan Intihar has given an idea of what some of the buttons will do. The square button will allow Spider-Man to perform melee attacks, while the triangle button will help combine these with “webstrike” attacks from his web shooters.

There will be a gadget wheel present in Spider-Man PS4 too, and it is thought that the R1 trigger will be used to bring this up on the screen. These gadgets include web grenades, web bombs, the spider-drone and more, and players will have tonnes of fun getting creative with these. Finally, pressing L2 and R2 together are thought to activate each suit’s special power, while pressing down on the D-pad will use Spider-Man PS4’s heal mechanism. Other button controls are still unknown at this point.