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Battlefield 5 Firestorm Mode: All the Battle Royale Mode Details

The new Battlefield 5 Firestorm Mode has been given more details in a recent trailer. This mode will be DICE’s take on the currently extremely popular battle royale mode, except with its own World War Two spin on proceedings. What does the mode entail and how will the trademark elements of the Battlefield franchise play into it? Let’s dig in and find out.

What is the Battlefield 5 Firestorm Mode?

The Battlefield 5 Firestorm Mode will be DICE’s version of the popular battle royale mode. In a recent trailer from the company, more details of the mode were revealed. 64 players in 16 teams of four will be tasked to be the last team surviving in an ever-shrinking arena. The mode will have fully destructible environments and will support all vehicles, though which ones will be available in the mode has still not been announced. Additionally, DICE has promised that the sandbox map used in the mode will be the biggest one the company has ever made. For a short glimpse of the mode, check out the trailer below around the 1:04 mark.

From the brief look at the mode from the trailer, you can see how DICE will be interpreting the battle royale formula to the World War Two setting of Battlefield 5. Rather than having a storm or some supernatural shrinking circle, the newest game in the franchise will have a massive ring of fire that is burning through the map. However, it is interesting to note that the trailer differentiates Firestorm Mode from the rest of the game’s multiplayer. This could mean that its progression will be separate from the rest of the game in its own distinct category, however, we cannot be sure until the game releases or further news is revealed about it.

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