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Battlefield 5 Spotting: How to Spot in Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 spotting is a whole different system to what veteran players will be used to. In the same way that DICE has made big changes to health and ammo scarcity and replenishment, how to spot in Battlefield 5 has changed dramatically. To those who have invested hundreds of hours into past installments, this BF5 spotting change will no doubt be jarring. Here’s what you need to know about spotting in Battlefield 5 and how it changes the game.

Battlefield 5 Spotting: How to Spot in Battlefield 5

If you hit the traditional “spot” button in Battlefield 5, you’ll place a marker exactly where your aim is pointing. This marker will remain stationary, drawing your team’s attention, but not tracking enemies. In Battlefield 1 and previous games, players could tag an enemy and have a dot appear above their head. This dot would remain visible for a few seconds, allowing teammates to train their fire on the easy-to-see marker. Well, it doesn’t work like that in BF5. Players can spot a location, but that’s it.

There is an exception to this rule, however, as certain equipment can tag and track enemies. If you’re playing in the Battlefield 5 open beta, you’ll want to try the Scout’s  gadget. It marks enemies in a more traditional way.

Battlefield 5 Spotting: Why Has Spotting Changed?

Battlefield 5 spotting

By implementing this new Battlefield 5 spotting system, DICE is pushing players to focus more on spotting enemy uniforms, rather than shooting at glowing dots. There is now a bigger focus on carefully scanning environments for enemies, rather than just spamming spot and seeing what appears onscreen.

This change won’t please everyone, but for those who were growing tired of players leaning too heavily on the spotting mechanic, this Battlefield 5 spotting nerf will be considered an improvement. It remains to be seen whether or not this change is carried through to the full build of the game.