iPhone 8 Recall: How to Get a Free iPhone Repair

If your iPhone 8 has been restarting unexpectedly, freezing up, or not even turning on at all, you may be wondering how to get a free iPhone repair out of Apple. After all, you’re not wrong in thinking your pristine iPhone 8 should work perfectly with the device being less than a year old.

Thankfully, Apple has admitted that a small percentage of iPhone 8 devices suffer from a faulty logic board that has nothing to do with general use. It’s yet another strike for Apple after the iPhone 6 battery woes, the faulty Macbook keyboards, hot processors, and, more recently, problematic speakers in their top-end MacBook line.

iPhone 8 Recall: How to Get a Free iPhone Repair

So if you were worried at fronting the cost of an iPhone repair, fret not! Apple has agreed to offer free repairs as long as there’s no other incriminating damage to the device that it could deem as a risk factor when repairing the phone’s board (like a shattered screen).

But before you go walking into your newest Apple store asking how to get a free iPhone repair, you can confirm your eligibility online through a simple serial code check. This is the same tool Apple employees will use at the Genius Bar to confirm that the job is on the house, but it’s better to double-check before you leave the comfort of your couch.

Just type the serial number found on the reverse side of your iPhone 8 to be told how to get a free iPhone repair if you are eligible.

Phones bought between September 2017 to March 2018 in China, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Macau, and the U.S should be eligible. But even if you bought one just after March, you may have still picked up a phone manufactured around that date, so it doesn’t hurt to try if you’re having problems with your device.