Android Airpods: Do Airpods Work on Android Devices?

It seems that Android airpods will never be a first-party product. Long-time rival Apple unveiled its own airpods with the iPhone 7 in September 2016. Given the rivalry between the pair, you would think that Apple would prevent its own airpods from being compatible with Android. Not so, it would seem, so how do Android users go about using Apple’s airpods on their smartphones?

Android Airpods: How to Use Apple Airpods on Your Device

It’s very simple to connect Apple’s airpods up to your Android phone. To use them as Android airpods, users must go to “Settings” on their device, click on “Connected devices” before finally tapping “Bluetooth” in the menu. Ensure that Bluetooth is in the “on” position on your phone, tap the white button of the Apple airpods case and hold the case next to your phone. The airpods should come up as an option in the bluetooth subsection. Tap on this option and you can now use them as Android airpods.

Android Airpods: Do Other Airpods Work on Android Devices?

Yes. Coming in at $160, Apple’s airpods aren’t cheap. That price will put some Android users off buying them, so what other options are available to buy? For US citizens, Amorno’s wireless earbuds come in at a nifty price, and will save you money if you choose them over Apple’s own brand. Bitzen wireless headphones are a bit more expensive, but aren’t too dissimilar.

In the UK, MyCarbon’s Wireless Headphones v5.0 are available, and seem to be highly rated among those who have purchased them. One of Apple’s biggest smartphone rivals in Samsung also offer a pair of wireless, bluetooth headphones to buy. However, their eye-watering price mean they are even more expensive. As Android airpods go, it’s probably best to stick to cheaper alternatives with just as good a quality as Apple’s.