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Fortnite Controller Pickaxe: How to Get the Fortnite Controller Pickaxe

Some Fortnite items are exclusive to selected platforms, and PS4 players have received quite a number of them since the battle royale game became playable on the console. The Fortnite Controller Pickaxe will be part of the next PlayStation Plus pack and it certainly looks like a unique pickaxe with a unique design that will definitely appeal to many Sony fans.

Fortnite Controller Pickaxe: What is the Fortnite Controller Pickaxe?

The Fortnite Controller Pickaxe is an Epic Pickaxe adorned with the iconic black and blue colors usually associated with the PlayStation brand. Interestingly, two little joysticks on the top can be seen on the top of the pickaxe, evoking a design aesthetic similar to that of a PS4 Dualshock 4 controller.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the Controller pickaxe will be released as part of a PS Plus pack, alongside two more items which include the Fortnite Flappy Glider and the Fortnite Artifact Skydiving Trail. The description for the Fortnite Controller Pickaxe simply reads: “Take Control,” which is a nice play on words.

Fortnite Controller Pickaxe: How to Get the Fortnite Controller Pickaxe

Seeing as the Fortnite Controller Pickaxe is part of a PS Plus pack, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that it can only be obtained by PS4 Fortnite players with an active PS Plus subscription. That’s pretty unfortunate for Fortnite players on the PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Keep in mind that even PS4 users won’t be able to get their hands on the Controller pickaxe without subscribing to PlayStation Plus.

Even if it does somehow become available for Fortnite players on other platforms sometime in the future, they presumably wouldn’t want a pickaxe shaped like a PS4 controller. For example, perhaps Epic Games could release pickaxes with designs inspired by Xbox One controllers or Nintendo Switch Joycons.