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Fortnite Dusty Diner: What Is The Dusty Diner?

Epic Games has once again added some new content to Fortnite‘s ever-changing map: the Fortnite Dusty Diner. Set at the edge of the Dusty Divot, the Dusty Diner is a new location which has been added to the game in the place of two empty warehouses.

Fortnite Dusty Diner: A History Of Dusty Divot

There used to be three warehouses in the Dusty Divot, back when the area was known as the Dusty Depot. However, half of these warehouses were destroyed when the comet hit Dusty Depot back in Season 3, turning the area into the Dusty Divot we all know and love. The Divot blossomed into an area filled with all kinds of flora soon thereafter, which included some mushrooms that gave shields to players in the know. Magic mushrooms, one might say.

Fortnite Dusty Diner: What Is The Dusty Diner?

Now, some corporation or another has come along and decided that the pastoral landscape surrounding the Dusty Divot is desperately in need of a diner. Cue the Dusty Diner, Fortnite‘s newest coffee shop. Although the diner is quite small compared to some of the other buildings in Fortnite, it’s an important addition to the game in several ways. The walls of the diner and the cars in its car park offer players the opportunity to collect brick and metal, respectively, in a part of the map that was previously almost entirely without these important resources. There’s also stairs to the left of the diner’s front face, meaning that it could potentially be used strategically as a spot to lock down early in a match.

Inside the Dusty Diner is a framed painting of the Dusty Depot before it was annihilated by the comet. Clearly, this is only here as a nostalgic ploy to get you to empty your pockets of ammo and resources. Corporations, man.