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Fortnite Pets: Are Pets Coming to Fortnite?

Are pets coming to Fortnite? It might not make much sense now, but there’s little reason why they wouldn’t. Cosmetics make a ton of sense in a free-to-play game like Fortnite. Epic Games doesn’t make a dime every time someone downloads the game for their system of choice, and that’s a big part of why we see the Battle Pass refreshed so often and a dizzying amount of new skins, emotes, and dances churned out day after day.

Only a small percentage of the massive Fortnite player-base put money into the game, and with millions of people logging in each day, Epic Games has to fund development, server, and infrastructure costs while making as much profit as they can. They are running a business, after all. Throwing pets into the mix appears to be its next if a game folder found by FNBRLeaks is anything to go by.

Fortnite Pets: Are Pets Coming to Fortnite?

Bottom line then: are pets coming to Fortnite? We won’t know for sure whether they are or what they’ll do until they’re official announced, but this credible leak suggests that yes, pets are coming to Fortnite.

Pets have made their way into plenty of other big multiplayer titles in the past as a way for players to showcase their individual tastes with a fluffy companion of their choosing. MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 have a plethora of pets offered as both separate purchases and rewards for in-game activities. Some hunt down a specific animal to tail them on their adventures, whereas others simply look to collect as many as they possibly can.

Outside of mini-games, these pets rarely serve a function in combat. Instead, they’re usually playful little critters that can offer a little break from adventuring and fighting with exclusive emotes like petting, feeding, or otherwise rolling around. We can’t image pets will attack your enemies, but they could add a little more flavor to the pre-battle bus lobby by riding on your shoulders, playing with other pets, or just looking cute (and expensive) in front of other players.

Epic Games could decide to have things like tigers, hawks, or poisonous snakes drop from chests and attack our prey, but it seems much more likely that we’re looking at another set of things to buy from the shop.