Fortnite Quad Launcher: What Is The Fortnite Quad Launcher?

The Fortnite Quad Launcher has been leaked through the latest data mine for the ever-so-popular battle royale. It originally made its appearance in the Save The World mode of the title, but it will now be making Fortnite debut soon enough. But what will it do and how will it fare in another mode entirely? Let’s find out.

What is the Fortnite Quad Launcher?

The Fortnite Quad Launcher debuted in the Save The World mode during the Blockbuster event. Its original function in the PvE mode was to shoot missiles that did fire damage and, instead of using up ammo, used up “durability”. Will that affect the weapon in its move to the Battle Royale mode? Since it is already classified as an explosive weapon, it will probably act similar to the other weapons in that category.

It will most likely differ by giving the player the ability to launch four rockets instead of the usual one found with the Rocket Launcher, for instance. Hence the “quad”. Additionally, its legendary rarity should also translate into the battle royale mode. As with other weapons taken from Save The World, the Fortnite Quad Launcher will also get its stats changed.

How To Get The Fortnite Quad Launcher

As the weapon has not officially made its way to Battle Royale, you won’t be able to access the Fortnite Quad Launcher just yet. However, Twitter user @TwoEpicBuddies have suggested that the weapon will be arriving next week.

When it does eventually arrive in the Battle Royale mode expect it rather hard to find. This is because in Save The World, as mentioned before, it was classified as a legendary weapon. The most likely way to find it is through the chests or vending machines dotted about the map, or through sheer luck if you manage to eliminate an opponent who had the weapon in their inventory.

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