Fortnite Weapon Skins: How to Unlock Weapon Skins in Fortnite

As part of the recent leaks, Fortnite weapon skins were found in the data for the vastly popular game. This will be a brand new way for players to showcase their unique style and will surely be heavily sought after. So what are the Fortnite weapon skins and how will you be able to obtain them? Let’s find out.

What Are The Fortnite Weapon Skins?

As part of the recent datamine of the latest update, hackers found a file for Fortnite weapon skins. These files were nested under the cosmetics files in the game’s data. This means that they will act much like the outfits in the game, but instead customize various weapons. They will most likely have various rarities similar to other items in the game as well. Additionally, the weapon skins may also have similar aesthetics to the outfit sets that are already out there, acting in a similar way to the various pickaxes that can be obtained.

However, since weapons do not carry over to new rounds of Battle Royale, you will not always have these skins around with you. What is most likely going to happen with them is that you will obtain skins for certain classes of weapons —say, for example, an assault rifle— and when you find said weapon in a round of Battle Royale, it will change its appearance to the skin you have chosen once equipped.

How To Unlock Fortnite Weapon Skins

Since the Fortnite weapon skins were found in the same Cosmetics file as the outfits, we can safely assume that they will be obtainable in the same way. This means weapon skins will be able to be bought from the Item Shop, rewarded as part of the battle pass and through events.

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