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Spider-Man Backpack Locations: How to Find Them and What You Get

Marvel’s Spider-Man is out tomorrow and our reviewer thought it was pretty darn great. As usual with open-world games there are collectibles to find in Spidey’s New York, with the main one here being Peter Parker’s backpacks. We’ve got some helpful hints on how to get all the Spider-Man PS4 Backpack Locations, as well as what you get for collecting them. There’s a reward for tracking them all down, so get swinging!

How To Find Backpacks in Spider-Man PS4

After you unlock the Surveillance Towers, everything on your map will be filled in ready for Spider-Man to find. This includes backpacks, making finding them a lot easier than collectibles in other open-world games. To make things even easier than that, check out your map and mark any backpack close by with ‘X’. This will create a big marker point, in the form of a beam of light, pointing directly to that backpack. And if that’s still not enough, click ‘R3’ when close-by and Spidey will scan the area. Now do that 55 times…

What Do You Get for Finding the Backpacks in Spider-Man PS4?

The main reason these aren’t just pointless collectibles is that you’ll receive Backpack Tokens with every backpack. These Tokens can be used with other token types, such as Research, Landmark, Base, etc. to unlock mods, new suits, and upgrades for Spider-Man’s gadgets. So they’re pretty useful. If there’s a specific suit or upgrade you want, just check the requirements and go and grab the backpacks you need for it.

If you collect all 55 backpacks however, you’ll unlock a special new suit for Spider-Man to wear. This one’s called the Homemade Suit, and it’s based on Spider-Man’s more basic costume from Spider-Man: Homecoming, after Tony Stark takes away his more advanced regular costume. It doesn’t have any particular new Suit Power, but it looks pretty funny, and that’s good enough for us.

spider-man homemade suit