Box art - Spider-Man (2018)

Spider-Man PS4: How to Do a Perfect Dodge

Spider-Man on PS4 is out tomorrow and our reviewer enjoyed it a lot, but it gets surprisingly difficult in places, particularly during combat. While by the end of the game you’ll have plenty of upgrades to help you take on foes, earlier on Spider-Man might get a bit pummelled if you’re not careful. This is where the Perfect Dodge ability comes in useful, but how do you get the Spider-Man PS4 Perfect Dodge? And how do you pull it off in combat? We’re here to help.

How To Get Perfect Dodge in Spider-Man PS4

Fortunately the Perfect Dodge ability is available very early on in Spider-Man. It costs just one skill point, which you get from leveling up. It’s the first node on the Defender skill tree so you can get it very quickly. It’s a smart purchase, as it’s probably the best way to avoid being hit and losing health in the earlier parts of Spider-Man.

How To Do Perfect Dodge in Spider-Man PS4

Unfortunately it’s not completely obvious how to pull off the Perfect Dodge move. Here’s what the game tells you about it: “Press Circle just as your Spider Sense turns blue to counter enemies with a Web Shot to the face.” Sounds easy, right? The problem is that this isn’t entirely accurate. Your Spider Sense always glows blue whenever enemies attack, and pressing it at any time won’t do a Perfect Dodge.

Ignore the attacking enemy and concentrate on the Spider Sense. Watch it closely (even if you have to take a hit) and you’ll notice that it starts white, but then pulses blue just before the attack connects. This blue pulse is when you press Circle to do a Perfect Dodge. Just wait for the enemy to attack, and the instant your Spider Sense pulses with that blue aura immediately press Circle. Practice a few times and you’ll be doing Perfect Dodges like Spider-Man himself in no time. Good luck!