Box art - Spider-Man (2018)

Spider-Man PS4 Venom: Where is the Venom Suit in the Game?

Venom in Spider-Man PS4 is one of the first things I wished for when I heard the game existed. I mean Venom is pretty much the coolest character in the Spider-Man mythos. I even hoped that there would also be the possibility to wear the Venom suit in Spider-Man PS4. We got a teaser that Venom would be in the game, but we didn’t know to what degree until now.

Read on below to see just how Venom and the Venom suit figure into Spider-Man PS4. Be warned though that there are spoilers.

Where is Venom and the Venom Suit in Spider-Man PS4?

Well, if you were pumped to see Venom in Spider-Man PS4, then you may be a bit disappointed. Most of the plot in this game revolved around Mister Negative and his terrorist activities against New York City and Mayor Osborn. It looks like you’ll have to wait for another game to meet Venom.

A clue at the very end of Spider-Man PS4 seems to indicate that the next game might actually star Venom as the primary antagonist. In fact, in this version of the Spider-Man universe, it might be none other than Harry Osborne who hosts the symbiote.

Spider-Man PS4 Venom

After you beat the game and the credits roll you’ll get a scene in Norman Osborn’s penthouse. Norman walks through a door into a hidden room which contains a capsule in which Harry is suspended in green goo.

That’s weird enough, but as Norman tells his son that he loves him, Harry extends tentacles—which look a lot like the Venom symbiote—towards the glass. It appears that he must have been ill and while trying to cure his son, Norman ironically has turned Spider-Man’s best friend into what may become his worse enemy. Also, it’s a big hit that this is just the first in a line of planned Spider-Man games.