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Spider-Man Research Tokens: How to Get the Purple Tokens

Research tokens are one of the five currencies you need to upgrade your suits, skills, and gadgets in Spider-Man PS4. These purple tokens will let you buy some cool new stuff, but you’re gonna have to earn them first. You’ll likely run into a situation in which you need them before you actually discover how to get research tokens in Spider-Man PS4. Below we’ll show you exactly how to get your hands on these purple tokens and get to buying some new swag.

How to Get Research Tokens in Spider-Man PS4: Where to Find Purple Tokens

The first time you’ll likely notice your lack of purple tokens is when you unlock the Spider Armor MK II Suit. This awesome looking costume looks way better than anything you’ve got thus far, and you probably can’t wait to look like a futuristic, Robocop version of Spider-Man.

Unfortunately, almost without a doubt, you won’t even have access to Research Tokens yet. So you’re gonna have to chill out on your spidey fashion dreams for a bit. You won’t actually get a chance to get your hands on purple tokens in Spider-Man PS4 until you’ve made your way through a bit of the story.

A few hours into the main story, Spider-Man will notice one of the research pods that his friend Harry Osborne has set up on rooftops all around town. These research pods monitor issues that affect public health, like smog, disease, water safety, and other stuff. When you enter them, you’ll get a small task to complete. When you finish the objective, you’ll get rewarded with Research Tokens.

If you get bored of doing lab pods for purple tokens, you can get them another way as well. Going through the story, you’ll eventually unlock a side quest where you’ll meet Howard the Pigeon Trainer. Howard tasks you with catching his pigeons. For each pigeon, you find you’ll get one Research Token.