Box art - Spider-Man (2018)

Spider-Man PS4 Update 1.04 Day One Patch Notes

Like most games, Spider-Man PS4 has a day one patch. What’s unusual about this one is that even if you buy it on disc, you’re gonna have to install a whopping 43 GB before you can play. Why does the Spider-Man PS4 day one patch seem so big? Well, we’ll tell you below.

What Does the Spider-Man PS4 Day One Patch Do and Why is it 43 GB?

If you bought Spider-Man as a digital download, chances are you won’t notice this problem. All preexisting patches should already be applied before you start your download and once it’s installed on your PS4, you should be good to go.

However, if you buy Spider-Man PS4 as a physical copy on disc, at first glance it might look like there’s a ton of data you need to download before you can actually play, 43 GB to be exact.

There’s not actually 43 GB to download though. Even if you own a physical disc, the game will do a full install to your PS4 hard drive. It’s easy to mistake the progress bar for Spider-Man‘s installation for the all too familiar download bar. However, rest assured that according to Insomniac Community Director James Stevenson, that 43 GB is coming from the disc, not the internet.

Even after you install from the disc though, you’ll have to grab an update. Spider-Man PS4 is already on version 1.04 and has updated several times since review copies went out. The first patch, 1.01, a.k.a. the Day 0 patch did the following:

  • Added dynamic resolution scaling.
  • Increased max native resolution on PS4 Pro.
  • Optimized Performance and streaming.
  • Addressed issues with progression on some Research Stations and Challenges.
  • Improved the pedestrian system.
  • Addressed issues with cinematics.
  • Various bug fixes.

The patches since then have been hotfixes and have culminated with the Day One patch which adds:

  • Photo Mode
  • Trophy List
  • Accessibility Options
  • Polish and minor bug fixes

One thing to keep in mind is that Sony-exclusive titles seem to be able to cut through some of the red tape and get patches approved more often and faster. This means that we’re likely to see frequent updates as Insomniac continues bug fixes over the next few weeks and months.