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Fortnite Visit Different Stone Heads: Where Are the Stone Heads Locations?

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 challenges are here, folks. As with every week in Fortnite, the game gets updated with a new batch of challenges. Completing each challenge nets you with a bunch of Battle Stars and EXP that will help to level up your Battle Pass Tier. Completing all seven challenges this week will award you with 50 Battle Stars. Check out our guide to all the Fortnite Week 9 challenges. Right now, however, we’ll be taking a look at the Fortnite Visit different Stone Heads challenge. Completing this one will net you five Battle Stars. Where are the Fortnite Stone Heads? How do we complete the challenge? Read on to discover all.

Fortnite Visit Different Stone Heads: How to Complete the Challenge

Finishing the Fortnite Stone Heads challenge couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is find seven of the big Stone Heads placed around the map (they look like the ones found on Easter Island, for an, um, heads up). Go up to them, and the challenge should be done. You can touch them just to make sure, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Remember, however, that you’ll need to finish a game before it counts towards your tally. Don’t just quit after visiting a stone head. It sounds simple enough, but there are only seven heads on the map, and they are spread rather far apart.

Fortnite Stone Heads Challenge: Where are the Stone Heads in Fortnite?

Fortnite Stone Heads

Don’t get stuck attempting to search for the stone heads in Fortnite. Our handy map above marks out every place where you’ll find a Stone Head. Simply drop there, or head to each Stone Head location in-game and you’ll do fine. You should be able to finish the challenge in a small number of games, so don’t worry if you can’t visit all seven locations at once.

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