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Spider-Man PS4 Difficulty: Does Changing Difficulty Disable Trophies?

Many people are asking whether changing the Spider-Man PS4 difficulty will lock them out of any trophies. This is quite a concern for many players across various skill-levels since some may not be able to grab the coveted Platinum trophy since the game might be too challenging at a higher difficulty level. Let’s dig in and find whether changing the Spider-Man PS4 difficulty disables trophies.

Does Changing the Spider-Man PS4 Difficulty Disable trophies?

Changing the Spider-Man PS4 difficulty will not disable any trophies or lock you out from obtaining any of them. This is because, crucially, there are no difficulty-related trophies in the game. Many have confirmed that the large majority of the trophies in the game are collectible related, are not “missable”, with a large chunk of them being unlocked through the story. Meaning that if you ever need to change the difficulty of the game at a certain point, you will not miss out on anything. This should hopefully relieve many players who were concerned over this issue.

The various Spider-Man PS4 difficulty settings are called: Friendly, Amazing, and Spectacular. Friendly is the easiest setting, with Amazing being equivalent to the Medium level of difficulty, and Spectacular, inevitably, being the most difficult. For fans of the wall-crawler, you may recognize the names for the settings. This is because they are a reference to The Amazing Spider-ManFriendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and The Spectacular Spider-Man comic books.

For those who are concerned with other parts of the game that may not change with the difficulty settings, do not fear. Quick Time Events can be toggled on or off meaning that they can be auto-completed if you wish. Additionally, circuit puzzles, spectrography puzzles, and surveillance tower puzzles can also be switched off. This leads to Spider-Man PS4 being one of the more accessible games out there.

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