Spider-Man PS4 Fall Damage: Does Spider-Man Take Fall Damage?

Does Spider-Man take fall damage? Verticality in Spider-Man has always played a major factor in the sandbox nature of the games. He has always been able to traverse entire cities by swinging from buildings and street-lights, and running across rooftops and climbing to the top of the highest skyscrapers has been the basis of many Spider-Man video game memories for generations of players. But is Spider-Man PS4 fall damage present and, if so, is it as much of a hindrance as we’d expect?

It wasn’t just the climbing that played a major role in this; it was falling. We’ve been jumping from tall buildings in Spider-Man titles for decades, and hitting the streets of New York with a splat or a crunch has made us laugh, wince, and rage. Fall damage is what makes these a possibility. But does Spider-Man take fall damage? The answer might hit up one of those aforementioned reactions.

Spider-Man PS4 Fall Damage: Does Spider-Man Take Fall Damage?

Back in April, Andrew Reiner, executive editor over at Game Informer, revealed that Insomniac Games had yet to decide whether Spider-Man would take fall damage. The game was far from complete at the time, but the fact the developers had yet to make a decision meant a few factors must have been clouding their process.

Now, with the game released and in the hands of many, those who have yet to pick up the game might still be wondering; does Spider-Man take fall damage? Insomniac Games ultimately decided that Spider-Man wouldn’t take fall damage in the new PlayStation 4 game. Despite the opportunity to create some brilliant montages with all the spins and moves Peter Parker can pull off in mid-air, Spider-Man will not take fall damage no matter how far he falls.

From a game design standpoint, we can imagine Insomniac Games simply wanted to keep the momentum of the Spider-Man experience going strong. We don’t exactly see Spider-Man jumping to his own death in the movies or comics, so attempting to manage just that with your controller will see the superhero either roll like the greatest free runner that ever lived, or simply sling a web and carry on.