Box art - Spider-Man (2018)

Spider-Man PS4 Construction Sites

Marvel’s Spider-Man features locations known as construction sites which serve as criminal bases to the notorious Fisk. Even when he’s in prison, he’s got the city in his back pocket. You’ll need to clear these sites of thugs as you progress through the main game, so here’s your guide to Spider-Man PS4 Construction Sites.

Spider-Man PS4 Construction Sites: What Is A Construction Site?

These construction sites are really criminal bases, and they’re reaming with Fisk’s thugs. You’re probably better off approaching these missions in a covert ops sort of way, as opposed to going in webs blazing.

First of all, you’ve got to locate the site. The first one can be located by pressing R3 after you exit the lab from the game’s fifth mission. Once you’ve pressed it, the location should be marked for you to plan your infiltration route. As you enter the site, you’ll get a message from Doc Oc, letting you know that you’ve now got access to more gadgets. These gadgets are geared towards stealthy combat, which is the perfect mechanic to manipulate for the purpose of this mission.

The bonus objectives for this site are to perform 10 finishers and to web five enemies to walls in the site. This shouldn’t be too difficult, given your new gadgets. Your best route is to take out the guards on the higher levels of the site first, because they’ll give you trouble if you start with the thugs below. Farm the unaware guards at the top for bonus objective points using stealth takedowns (triangle) and by pinning them to walls with your new Impact Web.

Spider-Man PS4 Construction Sites: How To Clear Construction Sites

There are six waves in this construction site, and the other construction sites in the game all follow suit. Essentially, these sites are completed by incapacitating several waves of Fisk’s thugs. The waves commence as soon as you alert one of the thugs in the site. As the waves progress, they gradually become more difficult. Thugs with shields and tasers will eventually come out, and thugs will be equipped with guns in later construction sites. The final wave of this one actually features one thug with a Rocket Launcher. You can dodge his rockets with the Perfect Dodge ability, and you can also use your Battle Focus ability to reset all your takedown cooldowns. Battle Focus is used by pressing L3 and R3 at the same time, and it works in a similar way to Kratos’ Spartan Rage from God of War. Use it wisely, though, as it takes a while to cool down.

After completing the site, you’ll net yourself a Token. You’ll also get an extra Token for each bonus objective you managed to complete. If you didn’t get your bonus objective Tokens, you can retry the site, but you can only get Tokens for the bonus objectives you didn’t complete, and you can’t get Tokens for the same objective twice. There is a maximum of three Tokens to be earned here. This first construction site will give way to many more as the game progresses, which will be mapped as points of interest on your map after you unscramble the relevant Satellite Towers.