Shellshock 2: Blood Trails Xbox360 Cheats


Unlockable                             How to Unlock
A Laugh a Minute (20)Complete Mission 4 on Hard
Army Issue (15)Kill 5 enemies with one M16 clip
Blue Leg (50)Complete the game on Easy
BOHICA (20)Complete Mission 5 on Hard
Bok-Bok (15)Beat down an enemy
Bookoo Hostiles (20)Complete Mission 10 on Hard
Boom Baby! (15)Kill 3 enemies with one rocket or grenade
Bush Master (20)Complete Mission 7 on Hard
Caca Dau (15)Score a decapitating head shot
Caca Dau x 15 (15)Score 15 decapitating head shots
Can’t Quit You (15)Complete the game twice
Captured (10)Complete Mission 7 on Normal
Charlie Don’t Surf (150)Complete the game on Normal
Cook-Off (15)Kill 15 enemies with one belt of a non-mounted Heavy Machine Gun
Cut a Chogie (20)Complete Mission 6 on Hard
Cutting a path (15)Kill 15 enemies with the machete
Deep Serious (20)Complete Mission 2 on Hard
Dinky Dau (20)Complete Mission 3 on Hard
Evac (10)Complete Mission 9 on Normal
Field of Fire (15)Kill 5 enemies with one AK47 clip
Fire for Effect (15)Find and pick up every weapon
Free Fire Zone (15)Kill 150 enemies
FUBAR (20)Complete Mission 1 on Hard
Gun Slinger (15)Complete a level firing only a pistol
Hard Boiled (15)Kill 3 enemies with one pistol clip
Host (10)Complete Mission 1 on Normal
Hunted (10)Complete Mission 6 on Normal
Infection (10)Complete Mission 3 on Normal
Lots of Bok-Bok (15)Beat down 15 enemies
Natural Resistance (35)Complete the game without being killed by an Infected
Payback (10)Complete Mission 8 on Normal
Quarantine (10)Complete Mission 2 on Normal
Refuge (10)Complete Mission 4 on Normal
Shell Shocked (200)Complete the game on Hard
SNAFU (15)Dismember 50 enemies
Snoop 'n’ Poop (20)Complete Mission 8 on Hard
Take it Like a Man (40)Complete a level without dying
Trip (10)Complete Mission 5 on Normal
Whiteknight (10)Complete Mission 10 on Normal
Zone and Sweep (20)Complete Mission 9 on Hard