Spider-Man PS4 Post-Credits Scene: What Does the Osborn Ending Mean?

If you hadn’t already guessed from the title, this post will be full of *spoilers*, as we dive deep into the Spider-Man PS4 post-credits scene. Please click away from this article if you haven’t yet finished the game… Okay, let’s jump into the big “Is Harry Osborn Venom?” question!

Spider-Man PS4 Post-Credits Scene: Is Harry Osborn Venom?

Harry Osborn’s treatment sits him in a vat of green substance, and he looks to have bulked up despite his condition, suggesting chemical enhancements. Just before the end scene closes out, however, we get a different tease that has us asking: “Is Harry Osborn Venom?”

As Norman Osborn raises his hand to the glass of the tank holding Harry, his head down in defeat, a black web fires out and hits the glass. With the hype surrounding the upcoming Venom film, combined with fans’ potential knowledge of Harry sometimes being Venom in the comics, it’s easy to link the two characters together. Also, if you look closely at his tank, you’ll see other bits of black webbing!

Perhaps we’ll see a sequel to Spider-Man PS4 where Harry becomes consumed by Venom. The post-credit scenes certainly suggest this will be the case!

Spider-Man PS4 Post-Credits Scene: Is Norman Osborn the Green Goblin?

When the final post-credits scene first begins, it seems as though the big reveal will be Norman Osborn turning into the Green Goblin. Eagle-eyed players will have already spotted the pumpkin bombs sitting on a desk, meaning Norman has some Goblin-esque weaponry already made. (He also has that cool helmet that Mary Jane used earlier in the game.) We’re also teased by the green glow which illuminates Norman’s face before the final reveal.

It’s certainly possible that Norman Osborn will transform into the Green Goblin during future games in the series, but that isn’t the major reveal contained within this final post-credits scene.