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Spider-Man PS4 Wakanda Embassy Location: Where is the Embassy in Spider-Man PS4?

Spider-Man PS4 is chock full of Easter Eggs, nods to the Marvel universe and films that have come and gone. One delightful little tip of the cap to Marvel’s comic book history is the Wakanda Embassy, which can be found in-game. Whereabouts in Manhattan can you find the Spider-Man PS4 Wakanda Embassy location? Here’s our brief rundown on where to find it.

Spider-Man PS4 Wakanda Embassy Location: Where is the Embassy Found in Spider-Man PS4?

The first thing you’ll want to do is find the right part of the map. Press the touch pad in the centre of your PS4 controller to bring the map up, and scroll over to the Midtown area. You’ll want to look down the right-hand side, about halfway down, and inch slowly into Midtown itself without hitting the giant, wide building to the north-east of the Empire State Building.

spider-man ps4 wakanda embassy

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From there, you’ll want to fall from the top of that building. Immediately swing to your left before you hit the road, and then take an immediate right with your webbing down 3rd Avenue. The Spider-Man PS4 Wakanda Embassy should be on your left. You’ll know if you’ve found it if you see two dark green flags, complete with red horizontal stripe and red lion’s head, decorating its entrance.

Spider-Man PS4 Wakanda Embassy Location: Can You Do Anything There?

Apart from take a picture of it, no. The majority of buildings in New York can’t be entered. Snapping the Spider-Man PS4 Wakanda Embassy does grant you a location token for your efforts, however, and its image is necessary if you want to complete the “landmarks” side-mission. The landmark tokens that you earn from photographing iconic buildings, such as the Spider-Man PS4 Wakanda Embassy, are accumulated in the “collections” tab and help you upgrade your gadgets, so they’re worthwhile investments.