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Spider-Man PS4 Best Suit Power: What Are The Best Suit Powers in Spider-Man PS4?

Spider-Man PS4 offers players a range of Spidey suits to choose from. From the traditional Spider-Man’s red and blue suit, to jeans and a t-shirt with a Spidey mask, players can dress Peter Parker in myriad different ways. However, aesthetics aside, each suit has its own suit power. Once you unlock a suit, you can use its corresponding suit power with any of your unlocked suits. Suit powers can win a lost fight if used correctly, so here’s your guide on Spider-Man PS4: Best Suit Powers.

Although almost all of the suit powers in Spider-Man are viable, and are dependent on individual playstyles, there are three powers in particular which stand out from all of the others. These three suit powers, if used correctly, can have massive impact on any situation, and are therefore the strongest suit powers in the game.

Spider-Man PS4 Best Suit Powers: What Are The Best Suit Powers in Spider-Man PS4?

Resupply: This allows Spider-Man to temporarily gain access to unlimited gadget refills. If used at the right time, you can chain electric webs, or attach trip mines to all four walls of a room; either way, your enemies are in for a treat. This power is best used when you’re overwhelmed, as cycling through your now unlimited gadget supply will quickly incapacitate an entire wave of enemies.

Sound of Silence: If you’re clever, this can be used to devastating effect. To use this correctly, you need to combine stealth with aggression. If there are two enemies beside each other, you’ll need to web strike takedown one, by pressing triangle, and immediately overwhelm the second enemy with aggressive close combat. Take to the ceiling again, and rinse and repeat. As long as you’re aggressive, you can incapacitate small groups in isolation, instead of having to face entire waves.

Spider-Bro: This is the game’s strongest suit power. When you’re surrounded, activate Spider-Bro, and let your Bro handle the rest. Spider-Bro annihilates even the stronger enemies in the game, so call him in when you’re in dire need of a helping hand, and go to town on the enemies Spider-Bro stuns to gain Focus and emerge victorious.

Although these are the three most impactful suit powers, all of the suit powers in the game are strong when used correctly. However, the above suit powers offer the greatest return per individual use.