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Pokemon Go Gen 4 Release Date: When Is Gen 4 Coming To Pokemon Go?

The biggest event for Pokemon Go at this point is the introduction of “next-gen” Pokemon, but a Pokemon Go gen 4 release date still isn’t properly known. Having back-to-back events in Pokemon Go makes anticipating or predicting a gen 4 release date difficult, but past patterns suggest their imminent arrival.

Datamining once outpaced official Niantic reveals when it came to upcoming Pokemon Go events, but things have changed in recent months thanks to a change in how data is added to the game It’s difficult to predict a Pokemon Go gen 4 release date, but a few things point toward it coming sooner rather than later.

Pokemon Go Gen 4 Release Date: When Is Gen 4 Coming To Pokemon Go?Pokemon Go gen 4 release date

The first of these little hints come from a sliver of code that made its way into Pokemon Go a little under a month ago now. Dataminers found code related to a Sinnoh badge, with Sinnoh being the region in which the generation 4 games take place.

With Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn badges already being part of the game and unlocked by catching pokemon that originated from the regions featured in the corresponding generation, it only makes sense for a Sinnoh badge to be introduced alongside the first gen 4 Pokemon Go event.

The second hint could just be us grasping at straws, but the pattern makes sense. Mid-August saw the current Pokemon Go raid pool shaken up to swap some older raid bosses out for fresher creatures. While some of these were the newly introduced Alolan variants of Kanto favorites, a bunch of them happened to be Pokemon that gained new evolutions in generation 4.

Rhydon, Tangela, Piloswine, Kirlia, and Roselia all gained an additional evolution in generation 4, and Niantic tossing them in as current raid bosses supports the idea of farming the required candy ahead of time.

All of this could just be wishful thinking, but following trends, leaks, and patterns more or less confirms that generation 4 is coming sometime in the future (and why wouldn’t it). We still don’t have a concrete Pokemon Go generation 4 release date, but it really does sound like we should expect generation 4 to be introduced during Halloween, just like how generation 3 was first implemented last year.

Drifloon, Spiritomb, and Rotom are ghost-types introduced in generation 4, and even current Pokemon like Snorunt, Dusclops, and Misdrevus all unlock an additional evolution in generation 4, making increased spawns during Halloween a likely possibility.