Spider-Man PS4 Sanctum Sanctorum Location: Where is Doctor Strange’s Building in Spider-Man PS4?

Spider-Man PS4 has plenty of side-missions and Easter Eggs to keep you occupied in-between the main story. The game is rich with lore from Marvel’s comic book history, and one building included in-game is Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. How do you go about finding the Spider-Man PS4 Sanctum Sanctorum location though? Take a read of our guide to find out how.

Spider-Man PS4 Sanctum Sanctorum Location: Where can it be Found?

To find the Spider-Man PS4 Sanctum Sanctorum location, you’ll need to load up the in-game map using the PS4 controller’s touch pad. You’ll want to move your left thumbstick over to the Greenwich portion of Manhattan, and scroll down to the part of that area that marks the district’s southern boundary with the financial district.

Swing your way over to 1st Street and, from there, take a left until you almost hit the intersection between 1st Street and Broadway. The Spider-Man PS4 Sanctum Santorum will be on your left right as you hit that intersection, so make sure not to go past it. If you hit a building with a giant, red eyeball-like window, you’ll have found the correct place.

Spider-Man PS4 Sanctum Sanctorum Location: What Can You do There?

Take a photograph of it. Snapping the big landmark locations in Spider-Man PS4 will earn you landmark tokens. You can use these tokens in-game to help upgrade Spider-Man’s gadgets, and take out enemies with new tech as a result. Aside from that, you cannot do anything else at the Spider-Man PS4 Sanctum Sanctorum as most buildings in Spider-Man won’t let you in. Apart from sitting outside, admiring what a wonderful building it is, or taking a selfie for your collection, you’ll have to make do with what you’ve got. Be sure to check out our Spider-Man PS4 page for more guides on what to see in the game.