Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Switch Release Date: When is It Coming to Nintendo Switch?

There’s a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Switch version on the way. With this guide, you will learn about the Final Fantasy spin-off release date, as well as whether it’s coming to other platforms in the future.

What is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a 2003 GameCube spin-off of the Final Fantasy franchise. The co-op focused game tasked players to collect fuel for mystical crystals to save the world from an evil force called the Miasma. Co-operative play was only functional in the original release through connecting two to four GameBoy Advances to Nintendo’s sixth generation console, though expect that to be rectified in the re-release. The game was also set in its own universe separate from any other games in the franchise, with multiple sequels set in the world coming out in the years after its release.

When is the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Switch Release Date

The Nintendo Switch port of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be arriving at the same time as the PS4 version in 2019. This will be a remaster of the game for modern consoles, with the PS4 version being the first time the game has appeared on a non-Nintendo platform. The game will also have text in English, French, German, and Spanish along with English audio. It remains to be seen how the multiplayer will translate to the newer hardware since neither of them has an easily accessible second-screen experience. The title will also offer worldwide online play. Apart from online functionalities, there is no further news on what new features will be added to the remaster, though future Nintendo Directs could yet reveal more about the title.

You can check the trailer out for the remaster of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles below.

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