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Fortnite Getaway Solo: Will There be a Solo Getaway Limited Time Mode?

With both Squads and Duos now having had their time in the spotlight, you might think it’s time for a Fortnite Getaway Solo limited time mode to become available. Unfortunately, it looks like Epic Games has decided to skip out on a Solo version, with the Duos variant now having changed back to Squads. Is there any hope for those of us who want to heist alone? Perhaps all is not lost! Here’s what you need to know about the potential Fortnite Getaway Solo mode.

Fortnite Getaway Solo: Will There be a Solo Getaway Limited Time Mode?

Fortnite Getaway Solo

With past limited time modes proving impressively flexible when catering to the Solo, Duos, and Squads variants, you might have thought that a Fortnite Getaway Solo mode would indeed be within the realms of possibility. Surely you can just have one player clear an area around the jewel landing zone, build some kind of fortress to protect themselves, and then have them run towards the getaway vehicle? You would probably have to speed up the time it takes to pick up the jewel, but that seems like an easy thing to change.

According to @FNBRLeaks, a capable dataminer on Twitter, there is a Solo Getaway mode contained within the game’s files:

Of course, Epic Games might never make this Fortnite Getaway Solo mode playable. It might forever sit dormant within the 5.40 game files, never to be played.

I’d personally be interested to see how a Solo Getaway mode plays, and I know a lot of other lone wolf types would also be eager to experience the unique game type in their preferred setting.

We don’t yet know when the Getaway mode will end. There still could be plenty of time to see a Solo version pushed through!