How to Turn Off Amber Alerts on iPhone

If you’re googling around trying to find out how to turn off amber alerts on iPhone, we’re not going to judge, but we suggest you think twice about the decision. Amber alerts on iPhone are set up to alert you to major events. These can be anything from missing person alerts to full-fledged natural disaster warnings.

They’re designed to be as loud and intrusive as possible to bring your attention to potential life-threatening events. That alone should convince you to leave these on. But just like any notification, you can opt to block them if your quiet time is really worth risking your wellbeing for. If you’re still wondering how to turn off amber alerts on iPhone, we’ll show you how.

How to Turn Off Amber Alerts on iPhone

To answer the question of how to turn off amber alerts on iPhone, all you need to do is head into the Settings app on your iPhone. If you can’t find your Settings app, just swipe down on your home screen and type “Settings” into the search bar that appears. These steps should work on an iPad, too.

From there, you’ll want to find the Notifications section on the Settings screen. This should be the fourth option down after Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, and the Bluetooth tabs.

Once you’ve tapped into the Notifications screen, swipe all the way down to the bottom of the page. Here, you should find two toggle switches under the “Government Alerts” section. AMBER Alerts, which stands for America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response, can be turned off here separately from Emergency Alerts. The former typically goes off to let people know nearby child abduction reports, while the latter relates to dangerous weather alerts, natural disasters, and any other large-scale event that could endanger life.

You can toggle each of these independently from one another. We really suggest you don’t, but if you’re just getting too many intrusive alerts on your phone, these are the steps to follow if you’re wondering how to turn off amber alerts on iPhone.

If you want to learn more about what these alerts do, check out the Apple website.