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Fortnite Drum Gun Removed: Why Has the Tommy Gun Gone?

The Fortnite 5.40 Content Update has finally arrived and one of the major changes in the new update is the removal of the Fortnite Drum Gun. Is there a reason why the Fortnite Tommy Gun has been vaulted? Read on below to find out why the Drum Gun has gone away from the battle royale game.

Fortnite Drum Gun Removed: Why Has the Tommy Gun Gone?

The Fortnite Drum Gun was initially introduced back in the Fortnite 4.50 Content Update. It’s essentially based on the iconic Tommy Gun design we know and love from all those mobster movies. It is also extremely powerful, capable of firing for long periods of time without reloading, and works well at both short and medium range. All that points to the Fortnite Tommy Gun being too overpowered and that means a major rework needs to be done.

Developer Epic Games has vaulted multiple weapons in the past, including the Missile Launcher, which was also notorious for being overpowered and thus overused by players in the battle royale game. When the Fortnite Drum Gun eventually returns in the future, it will definitely be nerfed and a bit more balanced.

Despite the removal of the Fortnite Drum Gun, players will still have the new Fortnite Suppressed Assault Rifle. It may not be able to match the massive firepower of the Tommy Gun, but perhaps it might prove popular and even rewarding for those who prefer precise aiming as opposed to spraying bullets everywhere.

For now, players will just have to find a way to make up for the removal of the Drum Gun. It might be gone for a long time, and we will have to wait for an official update from Epic Games to find out why exactly it was vaulted in the first place. For more highlights from the new Fortnite 5.40 Content Update, check out our guide here.