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Overwatch Control Glitch: What Is The Overwatch Control Glitch?

Overwatch, like any other game, occasionally suffers from glitches. From Junkrat’s hidden Rip-Tire, to Symmetra’s invincible King’s Row turrets, sometimes things in the game can render incorrectly. The most recent glitch to come to light, though, is to do with a map, as opposed to a hero. The Oasis glitch, although related to the Oasis map, could potentially happen on any Control map. With that being said, here’s a guide on how to fix the Overwatch Control glitch.

Overwatch Control Glitch: What Is The Overwatch Control Glitch?

Dexerto recently reported that in a ranked match on Oasis, a player spawned in the wrong map. Basically, as Overwatch players already know, each Control map is split into three parts. For example, Oasis is split into City Centre, Gardens, and University.

What a lot of players don’t know is that these locations are all part of the same map. Basically, Blizzard builds a map, and sections off three mini-maps. Each of these map is visited as the game progresses, but they’re all built in a way that renders all of them at the beginning of the match, as opposed to travelling to three separate maps individually. It is possible, therefore, for a player to spawn at the wrong location. If this happens, they’ll be locked in the spawn room, as the spawn doors won’t open at the map that isn’t being played. They can’t even kill themselves to respawn, because spawn rooms are no-damage zones. While your team is fighting a 6v5 on another part of the map, you’re stuck in that spawn room until the round is over.

Overwatch Control Glitch: How to Fix The Overwatch Control Glitch.

So, if this happens to you, the way to fix it is to leave the game and rejoin it as quickly as possible. Doing this should allow you to spawn in the correct part of the map. There is no other solution, so you’ll need to make sure to do this right away. However, if it’s the first map of the match, wait at least a minute, or the game will be cancelled due to a player leaving early, which will net you a suspension and fine you 50 SR.