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Hearthstone Toxicologist Guide: How To Use The Toxicologist Card

Hearthstone‘s Boomsday Project expansion, which is still running, offers players the opportunity to earn a range of brand new cards. Among these is a Neutral Minion called “Toxicologist.” Although the Toxicologist card looks weak at face value, it can be used to devastating effect if a player has their strategy set. This Hearthstone Toxicologist guide will outline exactly how to win by using the Toxicologist card.

Hearthstone Toxicologist Guide: How To Use The Toxicologist Card

Hearthstone‘s Toxicologist is a card that costs only two Mana to play. It boasts 2 attack and 2 defense, which may not seem like much, but its Battlecry effect is very valuable. Playing the Toxicologist gives your current weapon +1 attack. This may seem minor, but not if you use this strategy.

Hearthstone Toxicologist Guide: Rogue Toxicologist Strategy

So, this entire strategy is based around the Legendary Rogue Weapon, “Kingsbane.” Kingsbane only costs 1 Mana to play, but it’s a very strong card. It has 1 attack and 3 durability, but its Deathrattle ability shuffles it back into your deck, keeping all of the enchantments that it has had applied to it.

“Shadowstep” is a Rogue return-to-hand card that costs 0 Mana, and reduces the returned Minion’s cost by 2. Basically, you can play Kingsbane, apply the Toxicologist buff, and return the Toxicologist safely to your hand. Playing it again applies the same buff again. Other return-to-hand cards are “Cheat Death,” and “Vanish.” For extra damage output, use the “Doomerang” card to throw your weapon at an opponent, dealing damage equal to its attack, before returning it to your hand.

Basically, by rinsing and repeating the Toxicologist’s buffs, you have massive damage output potential in your Kingsbane weapon. Fill this deck with draw cards, such as “Sprint,” to make for an early victory. The idea is to buff your weapon, deal massive damage, and draw the buffed Deathrattle Kingsbane as quickly as possible as soon as it breaks.

Toxicologist may seem like a weakling, but she sure knows how to upgrade a weapon!