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Fortnite Switch Video Capture Disabled: Why Did It Happen?

Fortnite Switch video capture has been mysteriously disabled. Today Fortnite got another content update. Version 5.40 most notably added a Suppressed Assault rifle and vaulted the Drum Gun. But Nintendo Switch players noticed a feature was missing. Switch players can no longer use video capture while playing Fortnite. This was presumably related to the update, but at first it was unclear whether or not it was a glitch or an official change.Here’s what we know so far. 

Why Fortnite Switch Video Capture Was Disabled

The patch notes have since been updated to clarify. Under the performance category Epic Games has added the following bullet points:

Disabled Video Capture for the Nintendo Switch.

  • This was done for performance and stability reasons.

Video capture affects performance because of the RAM required to execute the video capture. The team at Epic Games was receiving a “high rate of Out of Memory related crashes” as they stated on Reddit. Disabling video capture effectively sidesteps this issue.

The team also stated that they’re “considering the possibility of making this feature optional in the future for players who don’t mind taking a hit on their performance” but don’t count on it. It’s an idea; not a promise.

Considering the immense popularity of Fortnite and the fact that its gameplay lends itself to shareable content, losing video capture is a big hit to the community. Many fans on Reddit even said video capture, and being able to share crazy moments on social media, is a big reason they play Fortnite.

While many are frustrated by Epic Games not allowing players to opt in immediately, it’s important to keep in mind that if video capture weighs down performance then the kind of content coming from those consoles may not be something the team wants shared. And considering the overall rocky performance of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, I think the team’s main priority will be getting the game to run well.