iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR Release Date

Though we’re mere hours away from an official reveal and confirmation of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR release date there’s still plenty of time to speculate not what the phones will be called, but when exactly they’ll release. Apple typically releases its new handsets within the month they’re revealed, and we can use past data to comfortably predict when the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR release date will come around.

Months of leaks and speculation came to an end late last night not by Apple intentionally releasing the names of its new iPhone line-up ahead of today’s live reveal, but by the Apple website leaking what is increasingly likely to be the official names of the devices. Unless Apple purposefully tossed in a trojan horse to generate more buzz before the big reveal.

iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR Release Date

Outside of the original iPhone, which took 7 months to release following its ground-breaking reveal, nearly every iPhone since has released within the same month it was revealed.

The more recent exception to this rule was the iPhone X, which hit shelves in early November following its September 12 reveal. The delay was blamed on supply issues which saw the phone available in limited supplies at launch, but these were never confirmed. It’s easy to suggest the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max release date will match the pattern of most other years, but rumors of LG struggling to test its new display in time could impact the release date yet again.

With all things considered, we fully expect the iPhone XS and iPhone XR to release on September 21. Apple has long released new handsets on a Friday and, with the closest being just two days from now, it makes far more sense to see the company release the new devices in line with a 1.5-2-week timeframe. That gives plenty of time for consumers to read up about specs and decide whether to go ahead with a pre-order or early upgrade on their current mobile plans.

The iPhone XS Max, however, could be another story entirely. We think there’s a good chance the XS will release on the same day as the iPhone XS just as other big-screen iPhone variants have before, but circulating rumors of LG struggling to deliver displays could warrant a delay if they were contracted to manufacture the iPhone XS Max panel. Samsung is said to have stepped in as he main screen source, but this is purely speculation.