Sonic and the Black Knight Wii Cheats

Unlockable Character Profiles

These can be viewed in gallery mode.

Unlockable                      How to Unlock
Blacksmith's/Tail's ProfileUse the Blacksmith 20 times
Sir Galahad's/Silver's ProfileComplete Knight's Passage - Legacy with 5 Stars
Sir Gawain's/Knuckles' ProfileComplete Titanic Plains - Defeat the Boss - Sir Gawain with 5 Stars
Sir Lamorak's/Jet's ProfileComplete Dragon's Lair - Legacy with 5 Stars
Sir Lancelot's/Shadow's ProfileComplete Deep Woods - Defeat the Boss - Sir Lancelot with 5 Stars
Sir Percival's/Blaze's ProfileComplete Molten Mine - Defeat the Boss - Sir Percival with 5 Stars

Unlockable Multiplayer Characters

Unlockable               How to Unlock
Amy RoseDefeat the Final Boss
BlazeDefeat Lady Percival
Jet5 stars on Great Megalith- Beat the clock
King ArthurCollect all 5 of "King Arthur's Legends"
KnucklesDefeat Sir Gawain
ShadowDefeat Sir Lancelot
SilverComplete the mission "Lancelot Returns" In the Deep Woods
TailsFinish the first Castle Camelot Mission

Extra Adventure Mode Characters

If you clear the Knight's Passage you will unlock Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival in Adventure Mode.