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PUBG Update Schedule: When Do PUBG Updates Come Out?

PUBG Corporation has recently released the full version of the battle royale game on the Xbox One. However, by then, PC players have already been enjoying PUBG 1.0 for quite a while. Meanwhile, Android and iOS players have just received their PUBG 0.8.0 update yesterday. The game updates at different times for different platforms. Read on below to find out how the PUBG update schedule works, and when PUBG updates come out.

PUBG Update Schedule: When Do PUBG Updates Come Out?

The PUBG update schedule process starts with the PUBG updates going to experimental servers. Next, a test server version of the update will launch, which acts a beta version to sort out all the bugs and problems. During the PUBG test server stage, players can participate and help by playing the game and identifying problems with the update. After the developer has managed to solve all the bugs and problems, the update will finally be ready to be officially released to the public.

The official PUBG update will then head to PC first, so that means PC players will always have the advantage of gaining initial access to new content and features. After that, the developer will start cranking out that update to the Xbox One version of the battle royale game, followed by the Android and iOS versions. Keep in mind there are different developers for different platforms, which is why updates are slower for mobile devices. PUBG Corporation develops the PC and Xbox One version, whereas Tencent Games is responsible for PUBG Mobile.

The easiest way to find out when PUBG updates will be released is by keeping an eye out for alerts from sources like the official PUBG twitter account here and the official PUBG Steam Community page here. These will keep you up to date on when the latest PUBG builds are planned for launch.