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FIFA 19 Messi and Ronaldo: Who is the Better Player in FIFA 19?

FIFA 19 is right around the corner. To celebrate, EA Sports has been revealing the top 100 players in FIFA 19 every day in chunks of twenty. The likes of Harry Kane, Neymar, and Salah all feature, but as usual, there are two names that stand above the rest: Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. For the first time, EA has given Messi and Ronaldo the same base rating. What are the FIFA 19 Messi and Ronaldo stats? Who is the better player overall? Let’s take a look, shall we?

FIFA 19 Messi and Ronaldo: What are the Stats?

Defying all the arguments that have seen plenty of handbags thrown over the years, EA has decided to rate both Messi and Ronaldo the same in FIFA 19. Both have been given an overall rating of 94, which represents a bump up for Messi and no change for Ronaldo compared to FIFA 18. The full list of stats for both players are as follows:


  • Pace: 90
  • Shooting: 93
  • Passing: 81
  • Dribbling: 90
  • Defending: 35
  • Physicality: 79


  • Pace: 88
  • Shooting: 91
  • Passing: 88
  • Dribbling: 96
  • Defending: 32
  • Physicality: 61

As you can see, Ronaldo just about trumps Messi in the pace and strength departments, whereas Messi has superior dribbling and passing. It’s in the details, however, where we might find the answer to the next question.

FIFA 19 Messi and Ronaldo: Who is the Better Player?

Traditionally, Ronaldo has been regarded as the better player in FIFA. His mighty pace, strength, and shooting rising above Messi (literally, he’s a head on a stick from set-pieces). Messi meanwhile is trickier than Ronaldo, easier to dribble with, particularly in FIFA 19. Messi’s technique on the ball is often lauded as the best in the world and it seems as though EA Sports has decided to acknowledge this by bumping up his stats. Ronaldo is more likely to get forward than Messi, however, and has a higher Skill Moves rating. Despite this, Messi has a medium work rate in attack and defense.

Could the tides be changing on who the better FIFA player is out of Ronaldo and Messi? Only time will tell.

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