PS4 6.00 Update: What’s Changed in the New PS4 Firmware Update?

The PS4 6.00 update has just landed, and with surprisingly very little fanfare too. Traditionally, key milestones for the PS4 system software update normally come with Sony heralding the dawning of a transformative new console age. Not so this time. In fact, the PS4 6.00 update patch notes reflect that; so much so, that the new PS4 firmware update changes don’t (for the time being) appear to be a very big deal at all.

PS4 6.00 Update: What’s Changed in the New PS4 Firmware Update?

You could very well be expecting PS4 backwards compatibility with PS3 games or possibly the Holy Grail: the ability to change PSN names. Sorry to disappoint, but it looks like neither of those have landed with the PS4 6.00 update, with the update focusing entirely on performance.

As per Sony’s PS4 Support page, the new PS4 firmware update does one thing and one thing only: “This system software update improves system performance.” That’s it. Seriously.

So, yeah… not a great deal going on in terms of new features, but the under-the-hood changes may mean an end to lagging PlayStation Store pages, plus media apps taking an age to open after you’ve previously been playing a game. Still: is that it? A 6.00 update, rightly or wrongly, brings with the expectation of something more. For now, for all we know, Sony has this PS4 update out to lay the groundwork, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

PS4 6.00 Update: Download Size

There is one silver lining, however. This isn’t a PS4 firmware update that will clog up your hard drive. Weighing in at 447MB, this mandatory update (i.e. you won’t be able to use PSN features until you download it), should be completed in mere minutes, even if you take into account the fact the update also has to take hold and copy over to your console after installing.