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Fortnite Salty Springs Chests Locations: Where are the Salty Springs Treasure Chests?

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 10 challenges are here. Every week, Fortnite players are given a new batch of challenges to complete. Completing each challenge will award you with some Battle Stars that can level up your Battle Pass tier. Completing every challenge will net you with a whole heap of XP and Battle Stars. Want that tier to level up? Complete the challenges. Today, we’re taking a look at one of the trickier week 10 challenges. Search Chests in Salty Springs. What is the Fortnite Salty Springs chests challenge? Where are Salty Springs treasure chests? All is revealed below, Fortnite fans.

Fortnite Salty Springs Chests: How to Complete the Challenge

The week 10 challenge has us search for, and open seven treasure chests in Salty Springs. It’s a challenge that sounds tricky, especially considering that other players will be aiming to achieve the same goal, but if you know the spawn locations of the treasure chests in Salty Springs, it’s not that hard. Remember, though, that you’ll need to finish the game before any chests you find and open count towards your tally. You can’t find and open a chest or two and then quit: It won’t count. Completing the challenge will net you with 500 XP.

Fortnite Salty Springs Chests Locations: Where are the Salty Springs Treasure Chests?

Fortnite Salty Springs Chests

While it might be a pain with all those other players going for the chests at the same time, thankfully, there are plenty of chests in Salty Springs to go around. You’ll find multiple treasure chests inside the buildings within Salty Springs. As you can see from the map above (where we’ve handily marked out every Salty Springs chest location), there are multiple in several buildings. Check each floor and you’re bound to find multiple chests in one game.

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