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Pokemon Go Ursaring Raid Boss Battle: How to Defeat Ursaring in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go players have been able to take on a new batch of raid boss battles since the Johto Festival was released in late August. Among the Pokemon rotated in was the Normal-type Pokemon Ursaring, who was added to the Pokemon Go tier 4 rank of raid battles. Some players have struggled to take down the mighty bear Pokemon since then. How, then, do you go about winning the Pokemon Go Ursaring Raid Boss Battle?

Pokemon Go Ursaring Raid Boss Battle: What Should You Know about Ursaring?

Ursaring’s selection as a tier 4 boss battle means that he will be no pushover thanks to its combat points (CP) rating of 27409. Those who play Pokemon Go regularly will know that makes for a tough opponent, and it’ll take all of your staying power—and those of your friends helping to take Ursaring out—to stay in the Pokemon Go Ursaring raid boss battle.

Its moves include Counter, Metal Claw, Hyper Beam, and Play Rough. The biggest threat to your chances of defeating—and capturing—Ursaring is its double whammy move of Counter and Hyper Beam. Counter allows Ursaring to hit your Pokemon back if you attack with a physical type move, and Hyper Beam does a ton of damage to your Pokemon’s own CP.

Pokemon Go Ursaring Raid Boss Battle: How to Beat Ursaring

With Ursaring being a normal type Pokemon, you’ll want to equip your party with a fighting type Pokemon such as Heracross, Machamp, Blaziken, or Hitmonchan. Ursaring is weak to Fighting type attacks, so anything like Submission, Dynamic Punch, Low Sweep, or Karate Chop will work well. The Pokemon Go Ursaring Raid Boss Battle will take a while, but keep plugging away and you’ll eventually be able to knock Ursaring out, earn rare items, or even have the chance to catch it yourself.