Twitch Servers Down: What’s the Twitch Down Status?

If you were just watching a livestream of FortniteSpider-Man, or the new Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout beta and your video just crashed, you might be wondering, “Are the Twitch servers down?” And, depending on where you live, you might be right. Here’s a look at whether or not Twitch is down.

Twitch Servers Down: Where is Twitch Down?

According to the most recent reports from Downdector, a site that tracks if Twitch goes down, some parts around the world are experiencing difficulties.

twitch servers downIf you look at a screen shot of the map, you can see that some parts of the East Coast of the United States are going through some Twitch issues right now. New York in particular is being hit right now, right in the middle of the state’s primary election. Maybe Twitch just wants those people to go out and vote during this unfortunate outage. Democracy dies in darkness but lives when Twitch goes down.

Shifting over the Europe shows a bigger cloud of issues. London in particular is seeing the biggest outages. Places like the Czech Republic, Stockholm, and The Netherlands are also seeing problems. Moscow and some areas of Germany appear to be having some slight issues but nothing major.

Twitch has commented on the subject on their Twitch Support Twitter account. The company stated that it was “investigating site-wide loading issues. Hang tight!” earlier today. About 30 minutes later, the company also tweeted that it was “recovering from issues preventing streams from loading site-wide. Thanks for your patience as we get back into the swing of things!”

These tweets seem to signal that Twitch is aware of issues and found the time to look into them. The servers might still be down for some people, but it’s pretty likely they will be up for most people soon. If not, you can always tweet at their Twitch Support account to see what is going on.