Hasbro Family Game Night: Sorry! Sliders Xbox360 Cheats


Unlockable                           How to Unlock
Battle Box Master (20)Finish a game having used all of the powerups at least once
Event Horizon (30)Win a game of Sorry! Sliders on Instant Sorry without falling into the center hole
Fast Sliding (10)Win at Sorry! Sliders in under 5 minutes
Flawless Victory! (20)Win a game of Sorry! Sliders without losing a Slider off the board
I Don't Need Help (10)Finish one game with Battleboxes turned on but do not collect a single one
Ice Man (20)Use the Ice Pawn 10 times
Over the falls (30)Knock 4 pawns of the same colour out in one game of Sorry! Sliders
Slide Time (30)Play Sorry! Sliders for a total time of 1 hour
So Many Wins... (20)Win 20 games of Sorry! Sliders
Winningtons! (10)Win one game of Sorry! Sliders