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PUBG Switch: Is PUBG Coming to Nintendo Switch?

PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsPUBG to most – may be getting beaten by Fortnite in the battle royale genre, but it’s still got a ample player base to keep rolling out updates for. It’s still going strong on PC and smartphones and, with the arrival of the 1.0 update for Xbox One, isn’t slowing down its desire to be ported to other consoles and devices. With that in mind, can we expect to see a PUBG Switch showing?

PUBG Switch: Is PUBG Coming to the Switch?

Sadly, there’s no word of PUBG ever making its way to Nintendo’s console hybrid. Though it may not be for a lack of trying, its developers – Tencent, PUBG Corporation and Bluehole – must not have found a solution to the sheer size of PUBG to enable it to come out on the Switch. Given that there’s been framerate issues on the Xbox One X – Microsoft’s most powerful console – then the chances of the Switch being able to handle it is nigh-on impossible. Fortnite is a different beast as it’s a lower quality game, so unless PUBG can lower its resolution then we won’t see PUBG on Nintendo Switch.

PUBG Switch: Will it Ever be Ported to the Switch?

Again, probably not. There have been murmurings on social media websites, such as Reddit, where users have claimed that the mobile version of PUBG could be ported onto the Switch. It might even work well too, what with the Switch’s portable screen and Joy-Con controllers allowing gamers to play anywhere.

For now though, PUBG Switch and even a PUBG Switch release date is a mere pipe dream. There’s no huge groundswell for it to be released on the Switch, and Fortnite has that part of the market tied down on Nintendo’s console too. You’ll have to play PUBG on PC, Xbox One, or a smartphone for the time being.