Wynaut Pokemon Go: How To Catch Wynaut in Pokemon Go

Wynaut in Pokemon Go is a tricky critter that can halt the progress of your Pokedex. The main allure of playing Pokemon Go is finishing the Pokedex and following that old rule of “Gotta Catch em’ All”. It’s an addictive prospect very much built on the idea of the collection hobbies plenty of us pick up at one point or another. Just like any collection, though, there’s always a chance of never actually completing what we set out to do.

A few pieces always elude us. Pokemon Go already manages to keep that end goal far from sight by separating a select few creatures by real-life regions and continents, but even certain other Pokemon can prove tricky to obtain not by shady business practices, but by sheer dumb luck. If you’re attempting to complete as much of the more recent Hoenn Pokedex before the launch of Pokemon Go Generation 4, a Wynaut Pokemon Go hunt could be high on your agenda.

Wynaut Pokemon Go: How To Catch Wynaut in Pokemon Go

Before you head outside on your planned Wynaut Pokemon Go hunt, there are a few things you might want to know.

You won’t find it out in the wild.

You could call off your Wynaut Pokemon Go hunt right here and now, but just because you won’t find one out in the field, that doesn’t mean it isn’t available.

Wynaut is classed as a ‘baby’ Pokemon. One that originally hatched exclusively from eggs in the main-series games as a pre-evolution to a current Pokemon introduced in previous generations. Gen 1 Pokemon like Electabuzz and Magmar got this treatment with Elekid and Magby in Gen 2, and Wobbufett happened to be one of only two Pokemon to get a pre-evolution in Gen 3. Unlike past baby Pokemon, Wynaut could be found in the wild, but only through the notoriously hard to reach Mirage Island. A Wynaut Pokemon Go encounter, however, is reserved as an egg hatch only.

So which eggs house the elusive Wynaut Pokemon Go creature? To add this happy-looking critter to your Hoenn Pokedex, you’ll need to be on the lookout for 5km eggs. But don’t think it will be easy. Not only are you not guaranteed to get a 5km from a PokeStop, but compared to 2km, 7km, and 10km eggs, 5km eggs contain the most diverse amount of Pokemon within, making your chances of hatching a Wynaut very slim indeed.