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Black Ops 4 Beta Extended: Is Treyarch Extending the Beta?

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 beta has proven very successful for Activision and Treyarch. Thousands have been lucky enough to play an early version of the game’s battle royale mode. Blackout features a large map, filled with locations from across the Black Ops universe. It’s a survival mode akin to the likes of FortnitePUBG, and H1Z1. Unfortunately, the Black Ops 4 beta is set to come to an end soon. When is the Black Ops 4 beta going to end and will we see Black Ops 4 beta extended window?

Black Ops 4 Beta Extended: When is the Beta Set to End?

Officially, the Black Ops 4 beta is set to end today, September 17. Any PC or Xbox One owners with pre-orders of the game started playing the beta on September 14, 2018, while PS4 players have had access for longer. The beta is set to end at 10:00 a.m PT today (in around four hours as of writing) on all platforms. However, there is a chance that the Black Ops 4 beta could be extended.

Black Ops 4 Beta Extended: Could Treyarch Extend the Beta?

While the Blackout beta is set to end later today, Treyarch could decided to extend it if it feels as though more needs to be learned before releasing the full game on October 12, 2o18. Right now, however, it doesn’t seem as though Treyarch will be extending the beta. With the beta coming to an end in around four hours, it appears unlikely. Despite this, the developers may feel as though there needs to be more changes made. Treyarch has already fixed several performance issues across all platforms. For example, there has been crash and performance issues fixed today on PC, according to the official Reddit page.

Although there is a chance that the beta will get extended, it doesn’t appear likely. Treyarch would have already announced such a move with just four hours left to run.

Update: Treyarch has now extended the beta until 12 p.m. PST: