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Pokemon Go Deoxys: How to Catch Deoxys in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon GO Deoxys hunt is on. This legendary space Pokemon was found in the game’s files a few months back, yet this alien ‘Mon still hasn’t been released into the wild. What gives? We have some theories on how to catch Deoxys in Pokemon GO.

What is Pokemon GO Deoxys?

Deoxys is a gen three Pokemon that debuted in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. It has four forms in the Game Boy Advance generation of games, that was tied to which title it was transferred onto. The Pokemon was only available via events and trading in most generations but was available in-game with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. However, Deoxys is currently unavailable in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Deoxys: How Previous Legendaries Were Caught

Most legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO have been captured through Legendary Pokemon Raids. These events are usually scheduled to occur in a certain time frame, but there is no definite way to know exactly when one will happen. You can find these raid battles if you look for a dark blue egg floating over a gym, or through the Nearby function of the app. You will need a raid pass to participate, and you can get these items in many ways such as going to a PokeStop and spinning the disk. Once you have strong enough Pokemon and other players (preferably 20), you can start the raid. Once you have defeated the legendary Pokemon, you will get a chance to capture it.

Many of the previous legendary Pokemon have been acquired through EX Raids which are much harder, are at specific times, and are invite only. So if Deoxys or any other legendary you want is only available this way, be prepared.

How to Catch Deoxys in Pokemon GO

Since the Pokemon GO Deoxys is not available in game yet, there can only be speculation for when and how it will be available. Some are saying that the space-alien Pokemon will be available in an EX Raid after the Ultra Bonus event which will be ending October 30. Expect to see some kind of announcement about Deoxys being in Pokemon GO after that date.

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