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Pokemon Go Collector Bonus: What Is the Collector Bonus in Pokemon Go?

What is the Collector Bonus in Pokemon Go? Unless you are just starting the game, you’ve likely earned the Pokemon Go Collector Bonus many times before. As each catch has become less of a challenge and more of a quick-fire chore to grab stardust and candy, you’ll have glossed over the Collector Bonus likely more times than you’ve even noticed it appearing. The Pokemon Go Collector Bonus isn’t random. Nor does it explain why you might have earned it. The Pokemon Go collector bonus is fully-scripted, and you can track it fairly easily in-game.

Pokemon Go Collector Bonus: What Is the Collector Bonus in Pokemon Go?

So what is the Collector Bonus in Pokemon Go? We’ve established that the Pokemon Go Collector Bonus isn’t just some anomaly, but we haven’t explained exactly what it is. It’s a 100 experience point bonus awarded with every 100th catch of the same species. Just like how PokeStops dish out more items with every 20th spin, you’ll earn a set amount of additional EXP every time you hit a 100 catch milestone.

This doesn’t increase over time or anything, so don’t worry about specifically aiming for it like some kind of in-game grind. You can attempt to line it up with a Lucky Egg, but the bonus it so minimal that’s it’s far more efficient to spend that time mass evolving Pokemon.

Just think of the Collector Bonus as what it sounds like; a bonus. Pay it no attention and just go about your day. You’ll automatically incur some extra experience points once in a while, but it’s a fully natural occurrence and not something you need to struggle to obtain.

If you’re climbing the early levels of Pokemon Go, however, every sliver of EXP will help as you attempt to prep an account for raids. Honestly, following an established raid group around is by far the easiest way to level up in Pokemon Go regardless of level, but if you’re playing solo, the Collector Bonus with a Lucky Egg is better than nothing. But it still isn’t a worthwhile use of an egg by itself.

To track it, you’ll have to go through the painful method of tapping each individual Pokemon in your Pokedex to check whether the “caught” stat is ready to hit another 100 multiplier.