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Pokemon Go Plus Battery: How To Replace the Pokemon Go Plus Battery

Wondering how to replace the Pokemon Go Plus battery? We’ve got your back. The Pokemon Go Plus is a neat little device that the game itself was built around given its originally planned simultaneous release. While a convenient little device for sure, it isn’t without its own shortcomings; like a disposable battery that will need replacing.

Pokemon Go Plus Battery: How To Replace the Pokemon Go Plus Battery

The Pokemon Go Plus battery is a fairly standard CR2032 watch-style cell. It’s safe to say that in the age of smartphones, watches are a less common sight on people’s wrists, making these types of batteries seem rarer than they actually are.

To replace the Pokemon Go Plus battery, you’ll have to dig out a small Phillips-head (cross) screwdriver. Preferably a #0. With one in hand, flip your Pokemon Go Plus onto its face and undo the tiny screw found at its pointed base just under the clip. You should then be able to pull the device shell apart without too much trouble.

Once that’s done, it’s simply a matter of popping out the battery and replacing it with a new one. If you didn’t take note of how the default battery was facing, just have it so the text on the battery is facing as you insert it.

Now simply press the two halves of the shell back together and reinsert the screw to make one complete package. Now get outside!

Pokemon Go Plus Battery: What Kind of Battery Does the Pokemon Go Plus Use?

So now that you’ve learned how to replace the Pokemon Go Plus battery, you may be wondering how often you’ll find yourself replacing the Pokemon Go Plus battery.

Sadly, unlike unofficial alternatives like the Datel Gotcha, the Pokemon Go Plus battery isn’t simply rechargeable through USB. Rated for 100 hours of use, you’ll certainly get more like out of it than competitors on a single “charge”, but you’ll be paying more for that privilege over time.

If you’ve noticed your Pokemon Go Plus disconnecting more often than its scripted 1-hour buffer, that’s a tell-tale sign of a battery that needs replacing.

The Pokemon Go Plus CR2023 battery isn’t exclusive to the device by any means, but their retail presence has dwindled in recent years, making online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay your best bet when it comes to buying them in bulk.