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Pokemon Go Mewtwo Changes: What is the New Mewtwo Moveset?

Many Pokemon GO players will already know that Mewtwo is set to become a Tier 5 Raid boss on September 20, meaning that players will be able to catch themselves a Mewtwo without completing an EX Raid. However, there are some changes inbound, as this version of Mewtwo will have a different moveset to the Mewtwos obtained from EX Raids, which will now have a legacy moveset. Here’s a guide to the new Mewtwo moveset.

Pokemon GO Mewtwo Changes: What is the New Mewtwo Moveset?

A recent tweet from the official Pokemon GO Twitter page confirmed the upcoming changes. The tweet reads as follows:

Trainers, Hyper Beam and Shadow Ball will become exclusive moves for Mewtwo caught in EX Raids! Don’t worry—it’s not too late for Mewtwo to learn either of these moves. Be sure to use a Charged TM before September 20 at 1 p.m. PDT.

Although the removal of Hyper Beam from Mewtwo’s movepool is a non-issue, Shadow Ball is widely-considered to be Mewtwo’s strongest move, as it counters other psychic types, including other Mewtwos. It will also counter 5 of the Gen IV Legendary Raid bosses, making it even more valuable.

However, the wording of the tweet implies that there will be future EX Raids in which Shadow Ball/Hyper Beam Mewtwos can be obtained. It seems that Shadow Ball Mewtwos are set to become EX Raid-specific.

People who have Mewtwos already should consider using a Charged TM to teach that Mewtwo Shadow Ball before September 20. This will be super-effective against the upcoming Raid boss Mewtwos, and will also make Mewtwos who know Shadow Ball much more valuable in relation to trading. It is unknown at present if Mewtwo will be able to learn different moves instead. He will still have Focus Blast and Psychic, though, which are very strong moves as well.

Mewtwo is set to become a Raid boss on September 20. Until then, players still have the chance to catch the three Legendary Birds—Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno—and to teach their Mewtwos Shadow Ball. Shadow Ball Mewtwo will become a high-ranking legacy moveset, which means that although certain players have a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball, Mewtwos will no longer be able to learn it. Other powerful legacy movesets include the likes of Shadow Claw Gengar, and Confusion Exeggcutor.