iOS 12 Update: Should I Download the new iPhone Update?

The iOS 12 update is the latest iPhone update and the last big operating system you’ll see on Apple’s iPhone update for 2018. As with any major numbered iOS update release, iOS 12 is chock full of changes, tweaks, optimizations, and new features to shake and spice up your iPhone or iPad experience. But many are still asking “Should I download the new iPhone update?”. It’s a great question that’s asked every year, and there’s a perfectly good reason for it.

iOS 12 Update: Should I Download the new iPhone Update?

You might expect stability and new features to be at the core of every major iOS update, but for business users and those who keep sensitive data on their phone, security plays a big part in this, too.

Each new iOS update offers fixes for any vulnerabilities Apple may find or be alerted, but adding in new features can also open up the software to more and more potential threats. We could assume that iOS 12 is the safest iOS available right now, but with the idea of new software opening up new loopholes, those with sensitive data may want to hold off. After all, iOS 11 only recently received a new update last month, and until we can be certain that newly added features don’t compromise the integrity of the operating system, it’s best to stick with the tried and trusted.

For everyone else, however, iOS 12 brings a lot of new and exciting changes that you’ll want to try out as soon as possible. Some of the bigger updates relate to the camera, and while the vast majority of them will only affect iPhone 8 or iPhone X users and above, those with a phone at dated as the iPhone 5S will find a few new things to play around with.

Animoji improvements and the introduction of the Memoji (personal avatars) are one thing, but iPhones running the A9 chip or above will gain the ability to edit RAW photos from their device. Paired with improved compatibility with DLSR imports, your iOS device could finally become a pivotal part of your photography setup.

Then there are smaller things like the tape measure and native QR code scanner apps that will prove useful one day or another. So to answer the question of “Should I download the new iPhone update?” We say yes. For the full list of features, check out the Apple website.